Safety & Social Responsibility

About raw materials:
We have adopted a long-term fixed business cooperation model with several raw material suppliers, and they affirmed that we need to share responsibility, and we have invested in two of the major suppliers to have certain control rights so that we can better control the production of raw materials.
Before buying raw materials, we will pass the test raw materials before they are allowed to be put into storage, and we have a complete set of bills for managing raw materials, you can  click here to download and view.




About safety:

First of all, the cleaning of the filling is our basic principle. We promise that we only use clean and non-toxic PP cotton, foam particle filling, and other safe fillings. All fillers meet American ASTM standards and can be tested by any of the leading testing centers, such as SGS, BV, etc.

Then there is the problem of metal sharp items remaining in the world. Mainly some accidental broken needles in production, and some blades and the like. We have a management bill for all sharp items to ensure that sharp items are not allowed to flow into the product. (You can click to download and view) In order to ensure foolproof, we have also introduced very sensitive metal&needle detector machines from Japan.Even broken needles smaller than ants will be detected.Each of which will be tested and qualified before being loaded into the carton.


About social responsibility:
First of all, we attach great importance to environmental protection. Our production process itself does not cause pollution. We only use non-toxic raw materials. We advocate the use of non-toxic packaging that can be decomposed by soil. We have a supplier that provides such packaging and we can purchase this package for you.

At the same time we are very concerned about human rights:

Our production process is a low risk level.
We provide a variety of protective equipment to protect the occupational health of our employees. And there are some emergency medical kits.
We have complete fire protection facilities and have been audited by local government agencies.
We ensure that employees have at least one day of vacation per week and absolutely no overtime is required.
We will buy insurance for our employees.
We only employ adults over the age of 18.
We often organize activities to promote the mental health of our employees.