Yes. You can purchase prototype toys. Once all the details of your idea are conveyed we will design and manufacture a one of a kind prototype that you can show buyers. Prototype fees begin at $200 and provides a free modification during the period, The courier fee is paid by the buyer. If you order more than 3,000 orders, we will deduct your sample fee from the order amount. 

Yes. We can personalize your custom plush in a variety of different ways, including silk screening on a t-shirt or other apparel item or a direct embroidery on the plush toy itself. We can also provide your own hang tags, and personalizing your sewn in labels. All of these details will be discussed during the prototype stage. 

No problem! We can pack your animals in simple poly bags which are great for mail order and catalog sales or we can design a full color display box for retail store shelves. You simply provide us with the artwork and instructions and we produce them! 

Yes. For 20 years, the core understanding we have been insisting on is health, safety and environmental protection. All of our toys meet or exceed all required ASTM standards. We have a complete and detailed management system to ensure that the materials are clean and harmless and detailed methods to avoid broken needles and metal sharps in the product. (Click here for detailed instructions) We pride ourselves on a 100% safety record, a high level of customer service and exceptional quality. 

Our minimum order for custom plush products is 1000 pieces. This is an industry standard. While it is definitely more economical to order 5,000 pieces or more, we understand for a new product sometimes it is best to start with a minimum number. 

You can click here to get contact information, suggest you choose to send your ideas and questions to our email. 

• Prototype Stage – approximately is about 2 weeks of the initial sample. 1-2 weeks per round of revisions depending on the amount of detail requested to be changed.
• Production Stage 35-50 days. This can vary due to production schedule, labor availability, ordering materials and testing. 

We are production-type factory in Shenzhen, China. From sample to packaging, we will complete it in our factory. If you need some design pattern help, our department in Shanghai, China will help you to complete your ideas. 

We guarantee that all unapproved ideas will not be sold to third parties.We are production-type factory,We have no interest in stealing ideas.The first step to protecting your idea is signing an NDA (a Non Disclosure Agreement). This means that we cannot reproduce your product without your permission. Click here to get NDA